For the purpose of our guest can enjoy each activity with safety, we always keep & conduct best conditions for equipments, facilities, and manpower. Equipments and facilities maintenance doing by ourselves.


Equipments / Facilities

Rental wet suit is all 3mm long sleves due to protect of your body. Size is full line up from XS to XL.

Simple design and practical type and all size from XS to XL line up.

We always bring Oxgen Tank to trip & cruise for in case of emergency.

Dive Computer
Short name ” Di-con” is neccesary tools for you for enjoy safety diving with relax. We strongly request to all our guest to bring and use own computer for all diving activity with us. If  you forgot to bring or during activity with us become broken, don’t worry. We service to provide by free of charge for our guest whom applied our program. ( But quantiy is limited and can’t promise)

We select suitable sites for your diving & snorkelling activity include Check dive, Discovery diving etc.