There exsist about 100 dive sites around Komodo national park ocean, and those sites are still pure vargin enviroment. Popular dive is by drift diving to hunt Ginat Trevally, schooling of jack fish, Hias fish and whitetips shark around those fish, or schooling of Oceanic Manta Ray you can see cleanning, swaimming or jumping on surface.

Visibility is average on 20 to 30 meter at those schooling fish sites, and temperature is 26 to 29 degree, but some of area drop to 24 or less than it. Main is Komodo east to North sites, which include popular sites of Castle Rock, Crystal Rock and Batu Bolong and April to October is best season of there.

On the other hand, from November to around middle of April, South komodo, south Rinca island and Nusa Kode ( Kode island ) which faces to south dive sites be perfect for vesibility and for macro lovers. The belows are main popular dive site among all dive sites.


Landscape/conditions : The west side of this tiny island covered by rock, small cave, coral garden. What can be see : Groupper,Midnight snapper, mackerel etc Highlight : The colorful Hias fish swimming around coral is excelent scereen. Sometimes Manta also can be seen.


Landscape/conditions : Unlimited orange color coral spread to there.
Turtle can be seen at thier homebase area same as Manta.
What can be see : Turtle, Manta, Whitetips
Highlight : Whitetips which sleep at whitesand bottom and passing school of Gianttravelly.


Landscape/conditions : One of most nearest sites from Labuan bajo. Drift dive go to west or east to follow reef there.
What can be see : Whitetipshark,Gianttrevallies, Eagle Ray, Red Snapper
Highlight : an enjoy white angle scape.


Landscape/conditions : Unlimited color and numbers coral spread around this tiny island
What can be see : Turtle,Scorpion Fish, Crocodil fish
Highlight : Strong current sites


Landscape/conditions : Bottom conditions is mostly whitesand or reef. What can be see : Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Clown Triggerfish, Unicorn fish Highlight : Manta gather to the cleanning staytion. And also they come to surface to eat Plankton. Sometimes there have strong current, so recommend to bring a current fuk.


Landscape/conditions : Exist on the north side of Gililawa. If prefer to watch fish rather than enjoy the coral, suitable sites for you. What can be see : Big groupper Highlight : If dive light time and season, you can see school of Giant Trevallies and mackerel. Also can be come across to Napoleon wrasses.


Landscape/conditions:Variety of colorful coral spread around here The north side is different face, as Tuna and Marckerel swimming around. What can be see : Basslets, Hias fish, Ribbon sweet lips, Moray Eels, Scorpion fish Highlight : The small pinnacle located at North west where different spices such as Tuna and mackerel can be see.


Landscape/conditions : Schools of Barracudas, Trevallies and Mackerels swimming around 20 meters What can be see : Surgeon Fishes, Fusiliers and Oriental Sweet Lips also Sharks Highlight : Explore near the top of rock at the shallow area during safety stop is good place of re-treat hard diving sites. For the lucky one possibility to see Dolphins around.


Landscape/conditions : The top of the reef is covered in colorful soft corals, thousand of Anthias and reef fishes. What can be seen : Along the steep walls in deeper water Sharks, Napoleons Wrasses, Giant Trevallies, and schools of Rainbow Runners can be seen. Highlight : During dry season, Manta Ray also come here. Beautiful colors of Nudibranches can be found at shallow reef area.


Landscape/conditions : The coral atoll spread from 3m to 30m depth. The school of fish is dense area, together with colorful coral, macro and wide both can be enjoy. What can be seen : School of Goatfish, Sweetlips, Nudibranches Highlight : The combination of green color and orange color coral stage gorgeous slope of this area.


Landscape/conditions : Located across the inland sea and outer ocean, and deep into 30m wall. What can be seen:Yellowboxes fish, Scorpionfish Highlight : The colorful and rare body Nudibranch


Landscape/conditions : Sand and hardcoral both bottom with gradual slope What can be seen : Joe-fish, goust fish, Nudibranches Highlight : Explore rare macro creature around sand area.


Landscape/conditions : Hard coral spread at gradual slope and wide angle and macro both can enjoy at this site. What can be seen : School of surgion fish, Orangutan club, Highlight : The school of surgion fish which swim on the vegetable field on shallow sties is excelent.